Client Reviews

Highly Recommendable

I highly recommend Keith Chance for any legal issues any person encounter. I were having some legal issues and needed legal advise. I turned to Keith avisement. He was very knowledgable, meticulous,reliable and fair.
I highly recommend him.

- (5 star review)

Not affraid to fight for your rights

I previously had hired a different paid atty (I will mention his name) He was hired the end of May 2014. He only saw me when it was convenient for him. He didn’t even make me aware that I wasn’t ever indicted in 1 of the charges. Yet he wanted me to take the deal that the DA had offered, even pleading guilty to something I wasn’t ever actually charged with, I fired him.
when I first me Mr. Hardy, he personally took time to come to my house. It wasn’t until after I hired Chance Hardy that I became aware of the non indictment. We talked everyday. He even made time for my case during the weekends & after hours. He is very personable & cares about his clients. I can honestly say that Hardy enjoys what he does & he does it to get his clients justice. It is not all about the money for this guy. Don’t let this innocent face fool you, he is a pit bull & he knows how to negotiate for his clients best interest & will work diligently on your case. just like he did for me. Chance Hardy was only hired less than 2 wks before my court date, but he got more accomplished during such a short amount of time than the previous lawyer did in almost 5 mths. I would & will recommend him to anyone I know or come in contact with that needs legal representation. Thank you so much Chance Hardy.

- (5 star review)